Seattle 2

The goons came into town, fired up the protestors, got their video footage (they brought along Fox for this) and then packed up and left. Seems like overkill to me, but it is election season.

Looks like they’re retreating from Portland, too, which will help get things back together there as well.

Keep in […]


Things worked out so well in Portland for the dumbshit, he flew in some more goons last night to Seattle. It’s been completely quiet here for a few weeks, but it looks like a welcoming party is being assembled for the weekend.

The honor guard leading the welcome ceremony for the federal goons (do […]


The trumpskis would hate how we vote in Washington state. Not only is the election done entirely by mail, the primary is a “top two” vote whereby the top two vote getters go on to the general without regard to party affiliation.

Out here in Jefferson county, that means few, if any, republicans have […]

My local pot shops

There are nine pot shops nearby where I am in Chimacum, and a few are quite nice, even unique:

This is Chimacum Cannabis, the closest store to me. It’s a remodeled farm house (on a historical register) in what we call “downtown Chimacum”. The owner likewise remodeled a neighboring house as a cannabis-friendly B&B.


We really, really, need…

A full-blown, all hands on deck, Manhattan-project, moonshot, warp speed scientific project to invent a vaccine against pathological lying. Imagine where we would be if only a few percentages of the population had received this just a year ago.