Leaving Yuma

I’ve been hanging out in Yuma for a while, watching the weather systems go through. Arizona got everything lately, but all I really saw was some wind and a bit of rain. The outlook looks pretty good, at least enough so I can get to Sonoma county.

Just to mix up the scenery a bit […]

Back in Quartzsite

The storm passed through Havasu, so I looked ahead on my route west, through Barstow. High winds (40mph and higher) were forecast for the next few days. Then, snow was forecast for the pass at Tehachapi. If I continued as planned I would be battling weather for the next several days. The only safe spot […]

Goodbye Q

I’m near Lake Havasu City right now, sitting for a few nights while a little bad weather passes through. I haven’t spent much time here over the years, but I was looking for something different.

I’m at Catnip Cove State Park alongside the Colorado, dry-camping in the overflow RV area. The big fireworks show is […]

Washington legislation

Washington has very strict rules concerning who can and cannot hold a cannabis license, perhaps the strictest in the nation. Anyone associated with the licensee’s business must have a WA driver’s license, for example. Or anyone involved for $1 or more is subject to financial background checks and fingerprinting. The idea here in the original […]

Back in Q

I’m back at Quartzsite for a little while. The peak of the crowds has passed. And, I get the sunrises and sunsets.

Washington Cannabis in the Legislature

I’ve been watching the committee hearings concerning the pot laws in Washington. Five years into this thing, the elected reps seem to be getting it and are actually handling the issues in a rational way.

There’s recognition that legalization is working, the sky hasn’t fallen, a number of horribles haven’t happened, the business is thriving, […]