Oregon cries “Uncle”

Oregon’s strategy for implementing a legal and regulated retail market for marijuana was to leave it open for anyone, anywhere to start a business quickly and cheaply within reasonable rules. They have around 4000 licenses issued, with another couple thousand in the works. They’ve now announced they will stop processing any new applications.

Once a […]

Good news on the medical front

My cardio doctor says I need another angio-whatever, a very routine simple procedure I’ve done before. That means the time I set aside for medical stuff this summer is now mine. No major surgeries or recovery time.

Legal pot in the west

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board announced they had worked off the 7000 pending cannabis applications that were submitted six years ago. WA has a limit on the number of retail stores, around 550, but about 450 are actually generating revenue. There is a limit on the farmers as well, […]


Justin Trudeau made a campaign promise to legalize marijuana, and demanded such by summer of 2018 when he got elected. He required two conditions: keep it away from kids, and away from organized crime. After that the provinces were charged with developing their own details.

Ignoring the fact that the deed wasn’t done at the […]

Thoughts on potential jurors

I’m laughing at a couple of my fellow potential jurors. #42 sat next to me (I was #41), a large bulky fellow of the type routinely seen around the marina, doing the “lift this, carry that” type of work. When confronted with questions about “beyond reasonable doubt” and “Would jury duty impede your income?”, his […]

Close Call for Jury Duty

I was looking forward to possibly serving on a jury in Jefferson County, but after spending an entire day on hard benches sitting through the jury selection process, I missed being selected by just 2 numbers. I was number 15, but there’s only 13 seats in the jury box.

The case was a meth head […]

Cannabis Cup in Sacramento

At this point in time, the only argument in opposition to legal cannabis is the fear of the unknown. And there are still a lot of unknowns, but for the most part the real risks have been mitigated by the regulatory system. A big question has always been about public consumption, and it’s been fear […]