Legal pot in California

The new legal marijuana system in California is coming online much slower than anticipated. The main factor is likely the “dual permit” system, whereby a state license won’t be issued until the local jurisdiction issues a permit. Over half of the local jurisdictions currently do not issue permits, either with outright bans on legal pot […]

Downtown Port Townsend

When I first heard of this street project, I knew that the city would be able to do it without closing down the sidewalk or the businesses. They’re doing it.

Water Street is PT’s main drag through downtown. It’s the only drag through town. PT is rebuilding Water Street, from sidewalk to road surface to […]

Back in PT

I’m back in Chimacum, looking forward to another week of rain and cloudy skies.

Almost back

The winds, rain, and thunderstorms at Newport weren’t going to let up for at least a week, so I grabbed a break in the action to head to I-5. Tomorrow I should reach Chimacum, but with plenty of rain along the way.

Today a slide blocked 101 on my aborted route, so I dodged that […]


It was a pleasant day to drive to Newport, to wait out a storm. When I get a calm day I’ll likely head to I-5 to avoid the nasty weather. Winds have been high, 40-50 mph at times.

Staying put for a bit

The forecast for tonight into Sunday is “dangerously windy and wet”. No doubt 101 will be blocked by debris or slides briefly, but I’m going to try to advance to Newport on Monday. Meanwhile, it will be books and video games.

Reedsport, OR

It’s raining, with a storm coming in this weekend. I’m in Reedsport, near Florence, and will sit out the storm for a few days. The town is one step up from a village, and given the time of year, an almost dead place. But, as usual, the views are excellent.

Slide fixed?

When I talked to a guy that was referred to me by a shop, it struck me that he didn’t understand what my problem was or where I was located. When he didn’t show up anywhere near the time we talked about I was coming up with a new plan. He was an astonishingly old […]

Slide trouble again

As I prepared to head north this morning, my big slide wouldn’t come in. It will require a tech to fix. There are no shops open this weekend. The nearest shops are one hour away.

I’m in a nice rv park, discovered by accident, that is operated by Escapees, and they’ve said I’m good in […]