Pot in Oregon

Oregon recently conducted “decoy” operations on some pot shops to verify compliance with the over-21 sales law, with really bad results. State-wide the compliance rate was around 80%, but in Portland it was only 47%. Recent results of the same test in Washington were around 97%. Oregon’s results can be regarded as a complete breakdown, […]

Yuma again

I;m back in Yuma for several days. A group of people I know pulled in behind me, so that’ll be something to do. Very warm here.

Local preemption of WA pot laws

When CO, WA, and OR passed their initiatives to legalize marijuana use, possession, growing, and sales, there weren’t any mentions of the powers granted to local jurisdictions. Very quickly some locales passed bans or moratoriums on the facilities, and some ignored the issue. The states have been trying to align this unanticipated behavior ever since.


Busy in Q

The tent show opens tomorrow, and the place is busy. It’s never “full” as there is a near-infinite amount of desert out here, but the roads get clogged. And the truckers get grumpy at their fuel-stop exit. Luckily, in about 8 days a large number of folks pack up and go.

Steve and Sandy are […]

WA Legislative session

This afternoon I watched a legislative committee in Olympia take comments from the public on cannabis bills. The topic was home-grown cannabis plants, completely illegal in WA right now. Despite that it should sail right through the lawmaking process, it was an opportunity for those against to speak up.

My observations have been that the […]

Washington Legislature

Like I did last year, I’ll be watching what the legislature does with cannabis. They did quite poorly last year in doing anything, though some could see it as an advantage. At any rate, here they go again.

Washington does not allow any personal, or home, production of the cannabis plant, making it unique amongst […]

Quartzsite for a while

Back to Q today. It rained yesterday afternoon, the first I’ve seen all season besides some stray raindrops a month or so ago. But the sun is out again and temperatures will be warming.

Peak will occur in a few days, with heavy traffic and big crowds at the bazaars.

I’ll be here for the […]

Vermont will be No. 9

Vermont will become the ninth state to legalize cannabis. They will be unusual as they are the first state to pass legislation rather than succumb to the direct votes of citizens.

They are also unusual in that they legalize possession of 1 ounce or less, and allow home growing, but not sales. They totally bypass […]

The pot industry and banks

Banks, being federally regulated, are prohibited from dealing with businesses that deal with cannabis, right? Not quite. Guidelines (not rules or laws) for banks permit banking cannabis customers provided they exercise rather draconian supervision over their customers. And some smaller community banks and credit unions have stepped up to the tasks involved to provide some […]

Rescinding the Cole Memo

Everyone remotely associated with the cannabis industry is aware of the Cole Memo, and Federal Laws, which havene’t changed a bit. Session’s action has been expected from the beginning, so no one can say it’s a surprise or an emergency.

Besides a big jump on the caseload of the federal judiciary, very little will change. […]