San Joaquin Valley

I’m in Lemoore, at a very big casino, somewhere in the middle of the SJ Valley. I survived the most unappealing Mojave Desert, and spent a few hours on CA 99. They’ve resurfaced 99 since I was here last, which was a relief. Then I noted that they excluded repairing two things: the top of […]

Moving on

I picked up my third pair of glasses today. The new prescription is great, and they were done nicely at Algodones Optical. Now I have three pair all with the same prescription, much easier.

So I’m tired of Algodones, and Yuma, and have nothing else to do here.

I’m thinking redwoods and surf. Screw the […]

Pot: Washington law-making

After three years of legal retail cannabis I expected a lot of interesting bills in the legislature this year. Apparently, folk in Washington are satisfied with their system as there are not any game changers in the works.

The State itself seems most interested in maximizing tax revenues from it’s primary cannabis tax collection agency, […]

Pot: Nevada this weekend

This weekend the Cannabis Cup (a large outdoor pot party that moves around the country) will be held in Nevada (which is quickly bringing up it’s retail system), on the lands of the Paiute tribe (Who, like all Natives, are stuck in legal limbo regarding cannabis), under a new administration which is opaque right now […]