Crescent City, CA

I’ve only driven through Crescent City when escaping to Oregon from California. This time I stopped and will check things out. So far, I’m impressed.

I was laughing driving up here from Eureka: 101 is down to 1 lane at about 5 spots in less than 100 miles. Watching the effort of the crews to […]


While it’s been raining incessantly, the sun has been coming out in the afternoons giving me a chance to do a little sightseeing.

Eureka has been the economic center in Humboldt County for a long time, logging and fishing mainly. Those are pretty much gone, so cannabis is now the industry of choice.

Everywhere you […]


I made the land of redwoods and surf. The rain waited until I got parked, and now I’m in for it for a few days. Lotsa water, high winds, and cool. Luckily there are decent book stores around here.

Slides have taken out portions of 101 between Ukiah and Eureka, but vehicles are moving through […]

Pretty here

It’s certainly green here. The rain let up and the sun came out and I could actually see things around me.

One of my favorite places is the Real Goods store in Hopland, at the Solar Living Center. The whole place is a demonstration of off-grid living ideas, and the store sells whatever you might […]

An Absurdity

Mendocino County is being sued for a raid on a cannabis farm. The complainants will, no doubt, expect a trial by jury, a jury drawn from peers in Mendocino County. Who are cannabis farmers.

Mendo will settle before going to trial, of course, and pay a lot to the complainants for their trouble and any […]

Ukiah (Mendocino County)

I pulled into the fairgrounds here just as the rain started falling. It looks like my next travel day will be Thursday.

With every village, town, city, and county in the state working on imposing cannabis taxes on everybody they can see, I humbly suggest they devote all of it to the maintenance of streets […]

Calistoga, Napa County Fairgrounds

Things felt familiar driving down winery row: this is where so much of my money has gone over the years.

I’m at the fairgrounds until Monday. Rain starts tomorrow. Every time I’m here it rains.

Wine Country

In 1976, two California wines came in first place in a Parisian tasting, much to the entire world’s surprise. The Spanish planted the first vines in 1769, so the farmers around here had some experience. The international recognition led to expanding the California market considerably, while Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia quickly followed suit.

West […]

Trip through the San Joaquin Valley

When I came down into the valley I noticed that it was “hazy”. Dust thrown up by the ag activities. I couldn’t see any mountains.

Today it was just as hazy, and visibility was low. That’s a lot of dust.

Tonight I learn it wasn’t dust, it was good old-fashioned internal combustion engine exhausts, our […]


My hope was that I-5 would be in better shape than 99, and it was, but, like 99, maintenance was skipped at the overpasses. Add all the trucks, and it was a mess.

You know those useless agricultural stations that you stop at when you enter California? I suggest adding a departure station where the […]