In keeping with my bouncing around, I’m back in Yuma for a while. 2 pairs of glasses are on my list for this visit. I’m thinking I’ll be here one week for sure, maybe two…..

Pot: Nuclear Weapons.

I quote:

Rep. Trent Franks (Ariz.) told CNN on Wednesday morning that a nuclear bomb could be smuggled into the United States hidden inside marijuana.

Google it and see some of hilarious responses to this.

I was there the night we came up with this idea I think in 1969. We were sitting around mocking […]


Here I am again, at the usual spot. Nothing big planned, some bookstore crawling, a couple of rv parts, and look at some other places to park.

I like my new sunglasses. These were meant for driving, and they work great. My old glasses were polaroids, but they became impossible when trying to see […]

Pot: The California Way

It’s expected that California will develop a “comprehensive” set of laws and rules that will bring awe from all other states and most countries. Here’s one agency that imposes rules and procedures on cannabis farmers: North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Regulatory Program. I think it has to do with […]

Back in Yuma

Yuma again. This time it’s to get new glasses, but first I need an updated prescription. Yes, I know prescriptions are free in Algodones, but my circumstances are that I need a more high-level exam.

Dave and Kathy arrived yesterday, and Ron and Linda are their neighbors. So I’ll go over for happy hour tomorrow.