Pot: What’s going on

There are proposals and bills in states all over the country right now, but I confine myself to watching the western sates.

Nevada Nevada brought up a medical program quickly and smoothly, and is now writing the rules for a retail environment which was recently passed. They will give preference for the retail operations to […]

Still in Q

It’s been cold here, though it’s been sunny. The wind makes it downright miserable sometimes, so I spend a lot of time holed up indoors.

The tent show ends tomorrow, and even now the number of RVs is dwindling fast; it’s much easier getting around town now.

I’ll be here until at least through next […]

Weather in Quartzsite

The whole idea of Quartzsite is outdoor markets and malls, and when the weather turns bad, it’s a real bummer.

We’re at the southern end of the storm that has covered the entire west coast. That’s a remarkable thing in itself. Here, winds are gusting to 35, and rain is expected. Radar says it will […]

Quartzsite is getting busy

The tent show starts this Saturday, and as usual the roads are filled with RVs. I don’t much like this time of year here because it gets tough to get around town.

Ron and Linda are parked where I’m at, but no one else has showed up yet. Could be quiet here.

Rain is coming […]

Back in Q

I’m back in Quartzsite. Our regular gathering spot got pre-empted by another group, which was pre-empted by yet another group. While I was working that out, Ron and Linda showed up, and we’ll figure out what to do tomorrow. In the meantime we’re fine here at the old spot, unless a few more rigs show […]

Back in Yuma

I mentioned that I’d be bouncing back and forth between Yuma and Quartzsite. Now, I’m back in Yuma. The weather is getting better, much warmer.

It’s back to Q next week, likely until things dissolve away there.

Hanging out in Quartzsite

Came the First and activity picked up a lot around here. The vendors are almost all set up, and RV traffic in the area is high.

The weather hasn’t been the greatest. There was a lot of rain on New Year’s, and the water was flowing in the washes.

I’ve had to keep a close […]

Pot: 2016 Sales in Washington

Cannabis sales in Washington in 2016 will come in at $1.365 Billion, and of that the state collected $291 Million in marijuana excise taxes.

Colorado won’t have the year-end numbers for another couple of months, but their sales should be pretty close to Washington’s. Oregon and Alaska markets are so new the figures are almost […]