Pot: Year End status

After watching the results of the November election, several states that did not propose any cannabis measures will be filing bills in their legislatures, but don’t expect many to actually pass anything. Even in the states that passed laws in 2016, FUD [fear, uncertainty, doubt] over the Trump administration will cause hesitations and delays in […]


It rained a lot last night, and things were muddy when I got to Quartzsite. So I’m temporarily parked by the main road until this disturbance passes and the washes dry out, in a few days.

I could be here for a week or two, or drag it out to six weeks. No plans.


I made the mistake of mentioning to my Algodones dentist some slight pain in the back of the uppers. After a few xrays, we could see the problem: a cavity under the gum line. Today, the tooth came out.

In about eight years of going to this dentist, he’s never had to do anything at […]


After a few days in Tucson, I went to Yuma hoping to get parked before the winds and dust kicked up. Visibility is quite low here, so I’m glad I’m not on the road.

My intent is to go up to Quartzsite in a few days. But first, I’ll go to the dentist, so we’ll […]

Pot: Alaska and Oregon

Alaska now has a fully legal/adult use/recreational regulatory system in place and product started moving within the last two weeks or so. Alaska has a high per-person consumption profile in the US, but has never had any medical marijuana program. For them to pass an initiative and the state to implement it on time, from […]

It’s Been Cold

After the rain/snow/sleet passed through, it became cold, in the high twenties. That’s not necessarily very bad, but Deming is known for it’s wind and dust storms, so put a 30 mph wind on top of 30 degrees, and it’s real uncomfortable. Today it warmed up a bit, and the wind calmed. Big improvement.

Meanwhile […]

Deming, New Mexico

I reached Deming and got parked just as the wind started picking up. This is going to be a brutal weekend: winds at 35, cold below freezing, and lots of moisture as either snow or rain.

That won’t stop me from going to Hatch for a burger, or keep me away from my other favorite […]