Marathon, Texas

Actually, it’s not fair that the communities in West Texas aren’t worth commenting on. Marathon and Marfa are doing well in expanding their offerings to tourists, though it’s slow coming.

When I was here in 2009, Marfa Public Radio had just started operating with a community radio format. It was remarkable because it was an […]

Heading out of Texas

I could easily spend another month here, but I’m keeping to a tight schedule to get to Arizona. My first goal is Deming, NM, and even though it will be cold there, I’ll rest up for a week after I arrive.

I managed to get some birding in, and some beach driving at Boca Chica. […]

Pot: Unanticipated Fallout

It’s not known what the new government will do about marijuana in legal states, which is problematic.

The states continue to operate their marijuana programs under cover from the Cole Memo from the DOJ. Basically, if the states fully regulate the industry according to several basic principles, they’ll be allowed to continue their “experiments”. Washington […]

Pot: Elections and Taxes

I was looking at the tax rates for the legal, retail states.

Washington: 37%

Colorado: 29%

Alaska: 25%

Oregon: 20%

Obviously, Washington could bear going down to 25%. Both Washington and Colorado have enjoyed vastly more tax revenue than they planned.

Now from the states that recently passed retail marijuana laws:

California: 15%

Nevada: 15%


Harlingen, the Rio Grande Valley

I’m here for at least two weeks, but I’m trying to limit it to that as I tend to get hung up around here.

There’s lots of birding spots, the beach at South Padre, great BBQ, and excellent Mexican food.

North Padre again

I’m back at Bird Island Basin, the windsurfer place, for a few days, parked as a wind-block to Peter, a prosecutor from Calgary spending a month’s vacation camping and boarding.

Harlingen is my target, but that can wait until Monday. It was less a hassle to follow the route along the shore, on the ferry, […]

Goose Island, 2

The wooded spaces here are a bit too wooded and filled with fire-ants for my taste, so I moved to the water side. The high tides have receded, so I won’t be flooded, but the number of storm cells in the forecast means it will be wet while I’m parked here.

Nonetheless, it’s a great […]

Pot: The Elections

I’ll be monitoring the various marijuana issues on the state ballots more than any of the human races. Here’s my opinion on those:

Montana. Medical initiative. Montana has had a medical program for several years, but the legislature slashed it off at the knees. By the time it went to court, and a countering initiative […]

Goose Island State Park

Another favorite place. Usually I’m up against the water here, but since the high tides will continue, I’m in the wooded portion for a few days. Then I’ll move to the bay side.

This is next to the Aransas wildlife refuge, winter home of the whooping cranes. Top-notch birding everywhere here, but first I have […]

Pot: Washington Sales

Ever since the very first sale in WA in 2014, pot sales have increased steadily and predictably every month. September sales and October sales were 140 million, the first leveling since inception. I suspect that this might be the “base” number to use as a comparison. That means 1.7 billion dollars a year in sales, […]