Pot: Oregon

The state is accepting applications for the various licenses for legal cannabis. Jackson County (Ashland) is likely the most prolific grow location in the state. They estimate 3,000 grow operations in the towns, no one knows how many are in the country. Let’s say 1,000, making a total of 4,000.

Almost all are entitled to […]

Pot: Paying WA state taxes by cannabis companies

Ever so quietly, businesses in the cannabis game have been accepted by banks and credit unions, so can now use those accounts to pay their Washington state taxes. The state is rapidly closing in on $1 million per day in tax revenues, and they were getting tired of dealing with nearly $30 million a month […]


Those with heart ailments are given a supply of nitro glycerin, to be taken when angina (heart pain) comes on. I went through a controlled simulation to verify that it works for me, but have never had to take any since. I noticed that my stash had expired, so ordered up a new batch.

These […]

Hay Fever

I’ve been hit hard with hay fever this year, runny nose and burning eyes. Our local radio station announced last week that grass pollens were the culprit, and a large portion of folk around here are feeling it. It’s lasted over a week now.

My truck is now leak free and has a new radiator. […]