Camping at the Body Shop

When I came into the body shop first thing Monday, I saw that there wasn’t a full-hookup parking place after all. Well, there is a water spigot nearby in the shop, and an outdoor outlet next to me, but it’s used all day long by the workers.

Last night I had dinner with Dave and […]

Lost wheel saga, repair the sheet metal

I found a shop to repair the bent sheet metal from my wheel problem. They recommended I open an insurance claim, which I did, and it sounds like it will work out to my advantage.

They have full hookup parking in their lot, so I’ll move into the shop’s lot on Monday morning for a […]

Pot: Washington sets a new sales record

January sales on retail cannabis products reached $77 million, a new monthly record. This after a small tax reduction (taxes are folded into the sales prices) and after Oregon came online with retail sales.

This surprising, and steady, increase in sales is possibly because customers of the illegal medical marijuana stores are moving to retail […]