Pot: The Legislatures do what they do

Washington will be looking at some “touch-up” bills that address a few minor things, Oregon is working on their rules, Alaska is finishing up their rules, and Colorado will begin work next week on their latest marijuana freak-out. California is trying to fix an error they made in their law, which won’t be followed anyway.


Back in Yuma

I saw a lot of people in Quartzsite, and missed several. But it was getting old and I need to arrange to get my RV fixed (sheet metal damage from the lost wheel incident).

I left Steve and Sandy all alone, the rest of the crew already moving along.

It’s warm today, but cooler weather […]

The Exodus

I like Quartzsite, but not during the Amazing Huge Tent Show which attracts very big crowds. Today the exodus started, making getting around town a lot easier.

Several folks came by for a night or two, or even just a visit. Now it’s just me and the Allgires and it looks like we’ll be that […]


Steve and Sandy landed here yesterday and I got a good dinner. Today Rick and Terry arrived. No idea who is next to show up.

Quartzsite is getting busy now, the highway is downright dangerous. I don’t like this time in Q, the worst being next week. Luckily we have our place here.

Weather is […]

Moved at Quartzsite

I relocated to La Posa South today to the spot that several of us tend to meet up every year. Others will be showing up soon.

La Posa North was nice. I had a good high spot, and it was basically in town. The drawback is that it will get very crowded now and for […]

Pot: Washington December Sales

Sales reported from the stores were $75 million in December in Washington State, the second highest month recorded, consistent with the three previous months. Using the last few months, it can be said annual sales are $900 million.

As usual in Washington, that figure does not include the untracked medical marijuana stores, which are being […]

Low on batteries

Cloudy and rainy today, and my batteries hit the half way mark, half discharged. Tomorrow should be sunny, but it will take a long time to get them charged up. One day won’t do it.

I’m having a hard time understanding what the guys at Malheur are doing. The original beef, the Hammonds case, sounded […]

Pot: Oregon and Washington

Oregon imposes a 25% sales tax on cannabis retail products today after three months of no taxes at all. retailers had kept the prices high so as not have a price-shock today. Washington taxes are 37%.

This matters a lot in the Vancouver-Portland area.

Oregon began accepting applications for licenses for growing, processing, and selling […]

Life in Quartzsite

Last week it was the cold, but I got the hang of keeping the place warm using both my cat heater and the furnace.

This week it will be rain, but quite a bit warmer. Like today. Enough fell to make the trails muddy, but there wasn’t any flowing water. The Big Tent went up […]

Happy New Year

I’m still dry-camping in Quartzsite, where things will be picking up fast now. It’s been cold, down to freezing every morning, and I’m tiring of being indoors so much.

Have a good holiday weekend!