Looking forward to moving on

It’s a mystery to me why I like Deming so much. One might be that I’m 45 miles from Hatch and Sparky’s restaurant and their green chile cheeseburger. I cut my trips in half to Hatch in deference to heart-healthy living but today I satisfied my soul-healthy requirements and had my last Sparky’s burger for […]

Moved to Escapee Park in Deming

I was getting tired of the view and quiet at the LOWs Ranch, so I moved today to the Escapees park which is near the train tracks. I like the train noise.

I’ll be here for Thanksgiving. I got my work done for now, so I can kick back all week.

Tire story for those that can take it

When I left Farmington I had a new tire and a newly fabricated axle, but lacked a spare wheel and tire. No problem, I’ll get a pair of new wheels and a tire in Deming. Now I’m sure that anyone that has followed this knows that me trying to get the distance of a typical […]

Work Done

I did well today. All the work got done plus more that I thought up at the last minute.

Best deal was they let me hang around and watch. This was an opportunity to start with completely wheeless axles and watch as the workers built up all four wheels from the bearings on up. I […]

Just what I wanted: 2 new tires

I go in tomorrow for two new tires, some wheel and tire swapping, and greasing all four wheel bearings.

The latter because the guy that did the job on the wheel that failed did all of them a year ago. [Chappy: the guy that did my alignment in Tucson].

Meanwhile I flattened out the sheet […]

Pot: Washington

After a little data-handling glitch, Washington is now reporting that some 1000 outfits have applied for the special license that allows the state to hoover up the unlicensed medical marijuana establishments. The guess is that half of these applications are bogus, and half of the remainder will be disqualified on the rules.

The original goal […]

Pot: Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau issued orders on Friday to legalize marijuana in Canada. Vancouver and Vancouver Island have, for the last 50 years at least, been developing the strains, the technologies, and the culture of cannabis that can be argued to set the pace in the US. Back in the 70’s, “BC Bud” was the gold […]

Pot: What’s happening in the west

Alaska is currently developing regulations and will get approvals very soon. They will look very much like Washington. Critics don’t like the residency requirement for investment or ownership, though it’s the same as Washington and Colorado and Oregon. They also want public smoking lounges, but the other states don’t have that.

Colorado seems to have […]

Windy and Dusty in the forecast

Ever since I’ve been in New Mexico the weather watch has been on rain and thunderstorms, something kinda unusual around here.

But there haven’t been any of the typical and expected dust storms. The area is known for it’s wind and dust, sometimes reaching full brown-out conditions.

It looks like Deming will be having it’s […]

RV Repairs

I needed a pair of wheels, since one went away up near Colorado. A pair, because while I thought I might get close, I didn’t expect an exact match.

The local tire guy knew what to order, and when I looked at them today, they were an EXACT match. Rationally speaking I should return the […]