When I came to in the hospital I reached for the TV remote to find some news. CNN was reporting on the first of the theatrics from Donald Trump this election season. Hence, I have a permanent association with my heart surgery and Trump.

So I am enjoying his show, one of the best ideas […]

Good Travels Dave and Kathy

My friends Dave and Kathy will be on the road this weekend, and I have to mention what they’ve done for me this summer.

We spent a week at Point Hudson, which is always nice except smoke kept the visibility low. And, we hung out for a while at the SKP park.

I had a […]

Pot: Oregon

In Oregon, marijuana is perfectly legal to have, consume, store, give away, and grow. It is not legal to buy or sell cannabis in Oregon. Therefore a Burning Man economy has erupted for pot: give everything away for free, it will all work out in the end.

So right now, all pot in Oregon is […]

Cost of Surgery

The hospital wanted to bill me retail for my triple bypass, $110,000. The insurance company negotiated a wholesale rate, $26,000. Just to keep me in the loop, I need to put up $1600.

Why this makes sense is beyond me…..

Pot: Washington exceeds $66 million in sales

$66 million in retail sales were reported in August, up from $59 million in July. This increase is likely due to more retail stores, more medical patients switching over to retail as medical phases out, and increased summer tourism.

Some of the busiest places are Clark and Spokane counties, serving Portland in the case of […]

Travel Planning

I’ve gotten most of my strength back, and all obligations to doctors satisfied so I’m planning on getting moving again.

If I stick around for the Wooden Boat Show, I can pull out on the 15th or 16th. Then I’ll go to Yakima for a few days, then through Oregon to Winnemucca. I am very […]