Pot: Washington State

Last year the licenses for retail stores were issued before there was any product available from the licensed growers. This led to the situation of a supply deficit, which ran up the prices.

The Liquor Board responded by issuing grower licenses twice as fast, which wouldn’t do a thing for that year. Of course adding […]

Rain on the way

It would be most silly for those in Washington to complain about the rain on the way; heck, anywhere in the west any moisture is welcome.

Even if we on the west side of the Cascades get some rain, there’s a chance the storm will be just wind in Eastern Washington. That would not be […]

Visit to Doctor

I’m officially sprung from any follow-ups or check-ups, at least until Spring. Everything is healing up well, and I get my strength back everyday.

The doctor removed a few drugs from my regimen, leaving just three essentials. That’s a lot of side effects I don’t have to put with.

While I’m approved to hit the […]

New Windshield

After seven years of eating rocks in Quartzsite, and the many alkali sand storms at Burning Man, I was running out of visibility in my truck. So today I had it replaced, which is surprisingly cheap and easy.

Now I’ll be able to see the scenery again.

Tomorrow I get a couple of truck tires, […]

Feeling better

A few days ago I started sleeping through most of the night since the surgery, and that does wonders for recovery.

I have a useful walking range now, and a lot more arm action is possible. But, putting my arms backwards still causes pain. I just work around stuff I can’t do, and seem to […]

Pot: One Year Later in Washington

Washington State has 164 retail marijuana shops this week, compared to a half dozen a year ago. There are 458 licensed growers, most of which will be delivering their product into the retail market for the first time this month.

Sales (I use “out-the-door” prices which includes the excise taxes) last month were $60 million […]

Pot: Seattle Hempfest this weekend

It’s a challenge to name something with a bigger influence on cannabis laws than Hempfest, for 24 years now protesting marijuana prohibition. It runs this weekend in Seattle, along the waterfront; figure on hundreds of thousands attendees over the entire weekend.

The irony of legal marijuana in Washington will not be lost at Hempfest: While […]

Still Recovering

Lifting anything significant is still out of the plan, but I can get up and do things for a few hours every day. Then, it’s resting for the rest of the day.

By far the worst discomfort is my left thumb, which explodes in an electrical shock if I use it wrong. This is caused […]

Annual Co-op Meeting

I’m still sore all over, so sitting all day during our annual meeting wasn’t real high on my list of things to do. But I survived, and the club seems to have survived, so I guess all is well.

The kids came over this last weekend, and I’ve been getting a lot of hands to […]