The Elwha River

The National Park Service put the finishing touch on the dam removal project and opened up an interpretive exhibit and overlook on the remnants of the lower dam. It’s easy to get to, but those that don’t like heights might be uncomfortable. It’s well worth the look.

The most interesting view is that of the […]

Bikes and doctors

I came across a bike suitable to replace my old one. A single-speed Murray obviously dragged out of the woods somewhere, but workable after I swap a few parts. $10 and a day’s work and I was good to go. My criteria for a bike is the same as it was: serve for one Burning […]

Race to Alaska

R2AK.COM is a boat race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan (750 miles) open for any watercraft without an engine.

The race starts at daybreak tomorrow in the bay, the winner gets $10,000.

Check out their website to see how to follow along with the race.

I saw the Western Flyer

The Western Flyer is a boat loosely associated with the author John Steinbeck, as in “John Steinbeck Slept Here”. Dragged off the bottom the ocean, it was put in Port Townsend for “restoration” and eventual display in California. I’ve written about this a lot, so do the search thing.

The barnacles got blown off by […]

Pot: Washington has an astounding sales jump

May sales of retail cannabis In Washington hit $41 million in May, up around 20% from April’s sales of $35 million. The last week of May was particularly high.

[Washington marijuana sellers report their daily sales to the state, who in turn publishes it]

Reasons for this huge jump might be the beginning of the […]

Pot: Oregon has a problem

One of the rules for legal pot is that it can’t be exported out of state. That’s one of the rules of the Non-Enforcement Agreement with the Feds. To accomplish that the states have implemented seed-to-sale systems to prove that every gram grown in the state, ends up being sold in the state. Or destroyed.