Sleepless in Yuma

The crop duster parked nearby worked all night from 8PM to 5AM. He has an absurdly loud and annoying engine, and needs to re-load about every hour. He’s used to flying low, so twice an hour all night long he went over our heads at a stupid elevation.

It took me a while after parking […]

Back in Yuma

Quartzsite was getting boring and there was a window of good weather so I picked up and went back to Yuma for a bit. I’ll have some clouds and maybe a drop or two of rain.

The clouds and the long nights cramp my style a bit when it comes to keeping my batteries charged, […]

Satsumas in Blythe

I normally shop at Albertson’s in Blythe, but last week a new Smart and Final store opened across the street. For Blythe, this is a really nice supermarket, quite impressive.

And I found satsumas there. I spend my winters chasing these things down, and success is not to be expected every year. So I’m happy.


Where did ten degrees go?

Overnight it went from the 70’s during the day to the 60’s, and looks like it will stay that way for a little while. Most days it’s sunny, though.

I have managed to get parts and fix a few minor things here in Q, which is easy to do when there are so few people […]

Pot: The Washington Pot War of 2015?

Seattle is undertaking an effort to license and inspect medical marijuana “stores”, with an eye towards regulating their businesses when the State does not. Most of the existing establishments won’t survive.

Tacoma came up with a simpler plan to get control of their 56 MMJ places: Show a state license or close down. Washington does […]

Hi Jolly

Steve and Sandy are passing through on their way to the Phoenix area, so I moved up to the Hi Jolly area at Quartzsite where they stopped. They’re on their way tomorrow, but I’ll meet them again in a month or so.

Things are still quiet around here, but the population increases every day. I’ll […]

Rain in Q

It has been raining here lately. Not much, just enough drops to turn the dust to mud on my windows. Maybe something like a Seattle drizzle. But it was cloudy enough that I went pretty low on batteries and am fighting now to get them charged up again. No biggie, it just reminds me I […]


Some rain might be seen here in the next couple of days, something I watch carefully while in the desert. I’m on a good high spot with good roads, but am unfortunately on the wrong side of a big wash. I’ll have to wait for the wash to dry before moving. If it rains.

Just […]