Moving On Tomorrow

I went to Sparky’s in Hatch today for my last green chile cheeseburger for a while. They simply don’t exist outside New Mexico. It’s the Hatch chiles that make the difference.

My old friend David pulled into the RV park today, so we’ll have a chance to get caught up a bit before I leave, […]

Good Tours

I’ve picked up a great butterfly collection on my deer-catcher, likewise an excellent display of squashed bug guts on my windshield.

It’s not far from Deming to the mountains. You can head to Mimbres to see the pueblos, maybe go to the cliff dwellings. You’re in Mimbres country, an Apache colony that excelled in pottery. […]

Hanging in Deming

Scattered thunderstorms wet the desert pretty good last weekend, but even so I’ve been touring around a bit. I found a good green chile cheeseburger in Columbus, down by the border, and a good BBQ place in Hatch (not Sparky’s).

Last summer I had a problem with my batteries, and yanked the big inverter I […]

Pot: Recent news

It’s been off-and-on rain and thunderstorms here, so I have plenty of time to browse the news.

The Washington Liquor Control Board said on Friday (yet to be confirmed) they were seeking to raise the amount of marijuana growing space from 2 million square feet to 8 million square feet for the state. The 2 […]

Deming, NM

I pulled into the Low-Hi RV park and paid for two weeks. I’m tired of driving.

Deming is one of my most favorite places in the SW. It’s a small, quiet, railroad town loaded with excellent Mexican restaurants and some truly unique attractions nearby. All services normally needed are available.

The weather is warm and […]

Pot: Enforcement in WA

The Liquor Control Board published it’s list of enforcement actions against retail marijuana establishments. Three fines were issued for not following the rules, a bunch of warnings were issued for not paying taxes on time.

I have to hand it to the LCB in WA in putting out a lot of information about what they […]

Bosque de la Apache NWR

I come here to see the wintering grounds of the sandhill cranes (Western Flyway), stay at the eclectic and funky Birdwatchers RV Park, and eat green chile cheeseburgers at the Owl Cafe. The weather is outstanding.

I stood for a while in front of the chile-roasting machine in the village taking in that wonderful aroma.


Pot: CO stores and WA stores

USA Today ran an article by a Coloradan comparing their retail stores to Washington’s. And I’ve had the opportunity to do the same in reverse. The two models are very different, but not without similarities.

Washington does not permit retailers to grow or process marijuana. In fact, they can’t even touch to stuff as it […]

Las Vegas

New Mexico, that is. The run along I-25 in NM from the north is sure impressive. Very wide-open range land with few signs of humans. So big it was a bit intimidating. And the Spanish Peaks in Colorado were stunning: Yesterday’s storms covered them with snow, the sun was bright , and the sky was […]

Pueblo, CO

US50 drops down from the Rockies and lands on the high plains nearest to Pueblo. I’m in a great little RV park on the plain in great weather. Town is 15 miles away. Beautiful.

After I left Cripple Creek, it snowed. When the rain let up today the tips of the mountains were white. Pikes […]