More people came in today, so it looks like this weekend will be quite crowded. My favorite class is the Jets. These are like a typical business jet, all roughly the same power, speeds around 500 mph. The races are a bit quicker, and I get a good view from the top of my house.



The two classes I watched were Sport, a modern kit-built prop plane capable of 350 mph, and the WWII T-6 which are big, old, noisy, and not particularly fast. While I’m at the RV I can kinda watch the other classes, and I’m thinking the jets will be a favorite simply because of the speeds […]


Today I watched actual races. Formula 1 and Biplanes are one-design, small aircraft that reach surprising speeds. Formula 1’s might be home-built, limited to 100hp, the smallest Cessna engine. Speeds reach 250mph. The views of the racing are outstanding. I plan on watching 2 or 3 classes a day, so I can see every class […]


Races begin tomorrow, but the pilots were using today to qualify and to make some practice runs. The vendors were getting set up, and there are a lot of them.

I went over to check out the venue this morning, and noted that the sun needs to be considered when visiting. The entire system of […]

Reno Air Races

I haven’t any idea what to expect here at the air races. I got myself parked and settled in, and will explore a bit tomorrow.

Meanwhile, airplanes are buzzing around, and I have a little view of them from my RV. Parking here is much like the Albuquerque Balloon Festival: the cheap places are amazingly […]


It’s coincidence that I had planned on a few days in Sacramento (in the CalExpo RV Park) just as Howie and Norah were to arrive to begin a stint as hosts there. And happenstance that since we were both coming from the north headed to the same place, that I ran into them at a […]

US 97

I tend to believe US 97 might be the prettiest, most dramatic, road in the US. From begin to end, it’s the grand tour of the Cascades, the volcanic mountains. From the north, by the time you’ve seen the hundreds of cones, driven through the Newberry Caldera, and crossed a few lava flows, Shasta looks […]

Washington Cannabis

I’m watching closely the development of rules and regulations for legalized cannabis products in Washington and Colorado. Washington revised it’s rules today, changing the annual production limit from 120 tons to 40 tons,a rather significant change.

Neither state has any good facts on it’s production and consumption, which would be most helpful to design the […]

La Pine, Oregon

This has become one of my favorite places to stop when heading south. There are several comping options, all very reasonable in price, and the scenery is great. I’m in a county park next to the Deschutes River (like, yards away) for $10 dry-camping. And no one else is here.

When the sun goes down, […]

Rufus, Oregon

I always stop here for an overnight when heading south from Yakima. It’s a free spot on the Columbia, just below the John Day dam. Popular with kite-boarders, there’s always something to watch.

Sacramento is where I’m heading where I can do a few days before heading to Reno. A bonus is that I’ll meet […]