Day trip to….Beaumont?

Beaumont isn’t the most attractive place in Texas, being a major refinery town, but Jim and Bobbie were passing through on their way to Louisiana, so I went down to see them. We spent a lot of last winter together, and manage to meet up just about everywhere in the country wherever our paths cross.


Laid back in Livingston

I enjoy hanging out in the various Escapee parks because there aren’t any hassles and they’re cheap. So I use them to rest up from driving and touring around, doing laundry, truck and RV maintenance. Livingston itself isn’t especially interesting, but they do have an HEB grocery, by far my favorite supermarket chain. The usual […]

Livingston, Texas

I finally made it to Livingston, the Escapees headquarters site and where my mail goes. I’ll be here at least a week.

It was nice to get back into Texas Hill Country, quite a change from flat. And, the BBQ roadhouses started appearing, which will serve nicely as a healthy recovery from the Southern food […]

Just another storm

The tornadoes seem to be north and west of me, but I’ll have to pay attention until they clear.

I really like the weather forecasts here in the East. They’re usually spot-on and the timing is accurate to within just hours. Five days ago the forecast told me there would be a thunderstorm here in […]

Church Day

I passed a lot of churches this morning, along the back roads of Louisiana. One of my favorite things is watching people going in and out of church, especially blacks.

The ladies are dressed beautifully, but no matter how great the gown is, the hat must take the cake. It’s quite a sight to see […]

Marksville, LA

This is where Paragon Casino and RV Park is in central LA. Its one of those post-Katrina models that are large and nice, and cheap. A storm is coming through tomorrow so I’ll sit it out here.

I took the scenic route from Vidalia, basically driving the main levee of the Mississippi. It was astonishing […]


When cotton was king, plantation owners made a huge amount of money and to show off their wealth they built mansions in Natchez regardless where their holdings were. The town is fairly small with the typical disparity between rich and poor obvious. The National Park Service has several properties here, and helped build a very […]


Just as I was starting to write something one of the biggest barge thingies came into view. 28 barges, pushed by a very large towboat. Figure each barge is 50,000 tons. No one accuses the Mississippi of being a pretty river, but it’s the most interesting.

I figure I’ll be in Louisiana for several more […]


I like Mississippi, I understand it more. It’s a very unpopulated state with vast regions of pine forest and wet, swampy lowlands. It’s not a rich state, but the disparity between wealthy and poor is quite noticeable. There are a lot of poor people in Mississippi, and it’s not confined to race.

Food is Southern. […]

Vidalia, Louisiana

The onion place, it’s just across the Mississippi from Natchez, MS. The RV park is next to the river and I’ve got an up-close view of the towboat and barge traffic, like the nifty place I had in Cincinnati next to the Ohio. But here there’s a lot more traffic. I wish I had been […]