I voted yesterday. I had my choice of qualified, though boring, candidates for local offices. There were virtually no initiatives or referendums which was most unusual for Washington.

I then drove to the dropbox, and it was done. I could have gone to the mailbox, but the dropbox was a right-hand turn.

My county […]

Still on the Peninsula

The family situation I eluded to a while back persists, and until that stabilizes or resolves I feel the need to stick around.

The other factor delaying my departure for points south are the unknowns around the virus. Way up here on the Olympic Peninsula the outbreak is under control, there are about 3 […]

Legal Pot on the Ballot

Four states are voting to legalize a cannabis market this time. Others have medical marijuana issues on the ballot, but as usual I tend to ignore those.

Arizona — Arizona has such a well-developed medical marijuana program that it looks like a fully legal market in other states. Should the ballot measure pass, transition […]

Maine and Vermont Pot

Stores opened in Maine this weekend, 4 years after voters passed their legalization initiative. You see, the governor didn’t like the law the voters passed, preferring the underground market which has done quite well for those four years. As is typical, launch day had few stores open with very limited supply, long lines of […]

Cannabis Appellations in CA

Gov Newsom signed into law an appellation rule for cannabis. Appellation refers to a particular area where a crop is grown; it protects the growers against fakers relying on the reputation of the protected growers. The laws are legally quite strong.

“Champagne” is the classic example of a protected appellation. Napa Valley and Sonoma […]

Pot and Halloween

Tis the season for the myth that “marijuana-laced” candy is being handed out to children. This has not happened in reality.

A big “tell” that you’re looking at the myth is use of the word “laced” which is never used in cannabis circles. Another is that the report comes from a small-town sheriff or […]

Alternate Reality

I came across this story from Bedford, Illinois, A Mr. Lantz and Ms. Thornton were busted for selling marijuana:

According to a probable cause affidavit on Thursday, September 3rd at approximately 11:59 p.m. a confidential informant was given an undisclosed amount of cash to purchase marijuana from Thornton. The informant recorded the […]

Washington State Medical Marijuana

I renewed my medical marijuana card the other day. That might seem odd in a legal state, but I can explain. First, here’s an overview of the medical marijuana program in Washington.

The voters passed I-692 in 1998 to enable a basic medical marijuana program. Similar to others already passed, “caregivers” could grow […]


My normal travel is to head south this time of year. When the virus hit in March, I put off any decision-making until Sep 1. So here I am:

The virus is a big question mark. I am in a very safe place here on the northern Olympic Peninsula, but it’s unclear what the […]

Legalization on the November Ballot

Four states have cannabis legalization questions on the ballot this fall:

Arizona Arizona has the most robust and successful medical marijuana program in the nation, and polls suggest the initiative will pass this year. Given the way the medical system is built, it will be almost an instantaneous switch to full legalization once it […]