I spend a lot of time on US101 and in the communities that are burning now in Northern California. Following this disaster is very, very disturbing because I know the highways and roads and the terrain so well.

I watched all night when the Kincade fire started and was shocked, but that was nothing […]


I’m in Yuma now, at the VFW/BLM spot. I intend to get a few errands done, and find someone to do some RV work. It remains to be seen whether I can succeed at everything I want. But I figure I’ll be here about a week before deciding on my next step.


A Quartzsite Pot Shop?

Not in Quartzsite, but in Blythe, California. I’ve been waiting since CA legalized to see where the nearest store to Q would be, as it would get a lot of business in December and January. The Prime Leaf opened 2 months ago, just behind the Albertson’s on 7th. It’s the first fully-legal shop on […]

Sunset at Q

How many thousands of sunsets have I seen at Q? A few. I miss these a lot when I’m on the coast, but I get a good one tonight which I’ll interpret as “Welcome Back”.


Columbus Day, the holiday, has always baffled me. At one time I got the day off from work.

Now I see that according to Google maps Interstate 10 is the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway. It completely escapes me how Columbus has anything to do with that road.


Quartzsite Again

I’m tired of desert-driving and will hole up in Quartzsite (at Hi Jolly) for several days. Clear and warm.

Baker, CA

Baker is along I-15, halfway between Las Vegas and Barstow. It’s a great entrance to the Mojave National Preserve, a large piece of desert. I’ve never set foot on this preserve, and don’t know much about what a preserve even is. Presumably any protection or conservation of the area is at risk in favor […]


At this point we don’t know what is causing the illnesses “associated” with vaping. We don’t know if it’s e-juice for nicotine devices, nicotine cartridges or pods, marijuana cartridges or pods, or whether it’s the oils or flavorings.

It’s not very comforting to see our elected leaders jump on banning vaping or flavors or […]

Life in Death Valley

The expected storm did come through, but not as bad as was forecast. I got dusted, but just a bit. Tomorrow I go “topside”.

I’ve observed there are about 5 times as many rental RVs as owned units here. That portends a lot of Euro and Asian tourists in the Southwest parks this year.


Furnace Creek

One wouldn’t normally select Death Valley as a place to wait out a storm, but I’m doing just that until maybe Friday. It’s in the 90’s right now, but tomorrow the wind will pick up (50 mph), kicking up a lot of dust, but dropping the temps a bit.

I had a hard time […]