John Day, Oregon

There was some snow at the summits, but otherwise suitable driving conditions. I’m at the fairgrounds in John Day for the night, then on to Burns tomorrow. It will be below freezing tonight, but sunny tomorrow.

Still in Pendleton

The snow is starting now, but I hope to follow it out of here on Monday.

When I checked into the RV park they said if I got a player’s card I’d get a big discount. I don’t normally do this, but it seemed worth it. When I went to the casino I won […]


My plan was to go to Pendleton to pick up US395 south to Reno, then Yuma. A sudden weather change came in bringing very cold temperatures, snow in the mountains, rain down here, and high winds in Washington, Oregon, and California. When I looked ahead to where I was going, I chickened out and […]

Harvest Time

It’s peak harvest here in Cashmere and Wenatchee, a notable fruit orchard region of Washington. Pears are nearing the end of season, apples just starting, and there are loads of peaches around. Sweet corn from the flatlands nearby, and tomatoes of all kinds. I wish it were possible to eat like this all year […]

Back on the road

On March 7 I hit US101 in Santa Rosa, and finally got off it today. I’m in Cashmere, near Wenatchee, in dry and warm Eastern Washington. I very much welcome the change in scenery. And culture.