CA Legalization Day

The state of California steps into the cannabis market Monday, by request of it’s citizens. I don’t expect nay significant changes in how the current market is working: the stores exist, the supply is completely over the top, and the distribution network has existed for decades. No one in California is going to run out […]

There’s a breeze

The wind kicked up today in Quartzsite. Not at all unusual, what’s unusual is that it’s been calm for a long time. Then it gets cold, freezing at night, for the next week.

I went down to Yuma last week for a few days, then came back up to meet Steve and Sandy who were […]

California Legalization

In a few weeks, pot will be legal and regulated in California, which marks an important benchmark in the history of de-prohibition, if not the most important. It will take 5 to 10 years before we can even see the impacts, intended and otherwise.

The California rules for a large part are innovative and haven’t […]

Quartzsite 2

I’m back at Hi Jolly for a little while, likely until I need to get water. I’ve got 4 new batteries which are working great.

A Raid in Washington

I’m an advocate of regulated legal marijuana and have been waiting to hear of illegal grows uncovered in the state. Yesterday 50 illegal growing sites were raided in southwestern Washington, yielding 32,000 plants worth $80 million dollars. Chinese nationals were implicated in an organized crime manner.

32,000 plants occupy a bit over an acre of […]