New Awning

I destroyed my awning several years ago and didn’t miss it at all. Then I got the bug to fix up my rv and included replacing it as part of the project. I arranged to meet ShadePro at Quartzsite for measurements and such, and after a few days they showed up with the awning. […]


I’m in Yuma now, and am planning on just 4 or 5 days if I can get everything done. I’m anxious to get to Sonoma County by next week.

New Mexico legalization

New Mexico gave a shot at passing a legalization/regulation bill through the legislature during a 30-day session. It failed to pass.

The consensus is that it’s failure was due to the sponsor not distributing copies of the bill quickly enough, which meant only a few of the lawmakers had time to read the actual […]

Pot prices and taxes

People complain about the high prices for legal marijuana in California, usually blaming high taxes. Besides the fact that CA’s taxes are roughly in the middle of legal states, have you ever heard that CA has lowered taxes on anything? CA’s problem is extremely high licensing, permitting, and other start-up costs, not taxes.

I […]


I was happy to get out of Deming. Mainly because I was tired of the cold. But I’m somewhere warm now, planning on maybe a week here. The crowds are thinned out now so it will be easy to get around town.

New Mexico pot legalization stopped

Late last night the Senate Judiciary Committee killed the legalization bill, despite overwhelming support in both political and non-political groups.

Reasons given were that the bill didn’t do enough to “keep cannabis out of the hands of children” and “didn’t do enough to address impaired driving”. The NM bill was about as thorough and […]

Got my house back

I was really annoyed yesterday when the shop wouldn’t let me take my rig because of the weather. I had to find another motel room. But, when I got up this morning my truck had 5 inches of snow on it. Soon, the sun came out and there was water everywhere. I was glad […]

Deming again

I’m back in Deming at a totally typical motel until my RV is ready. I won’t know when until Monday.

ABQ, part 2

I had one snow day (flurries, but isn’t much good for sigthseeing) nad one day to explore a few book stores. The stores are quite good in this town.

To compensate for the 3 nights I’m at the Isleta Resort and Casino for 2 nights to make up for the ordinary motel I had. […]


My RV is in the shop now for a new roof. I’m in Alb for a week for a change of scenery while I don’t have my house. I’ve got an ordinary typical motel on Route 66, close to downtown.

Unfortunately some severe weather is coming in tonight: high winds, bitter cold, maybe some […]