Interesting experience in Deming

A distant relative of mine who I met when he was an infant, tracked me down to interview me on camera about the story of my mom and dad. He graduated with a degree in documentary-making (or something similar) and wanted to work on this story. So he flew to Denver and then chased me […]

Deming Tomorrow

I’ve had two weeks of rain, thunderstorms, snow, below-freezing temperatures, and almost constant cloud cover. Each of those have been mitigated lately as I work my way south and down in elevation. But as I got to Santa Fe, the wind kicked up and high-wind warnings were announced. I’m getting really sick of this crap.


Canada Legalizes

Everyone will be made aware Canada legalizes pot this week. As in not being jailed for possession, not as in readily available from legal outlets. BC, which I’m most familiar with, will only have one store open on the 17th, that in Kamloops. Not to worry, BCers know how to cope with this issue.

This […]

And still…

There was a lot of snow and it was cold (21F), so I hang on for yet another day. Primarily because I have a pass in front of me 3000 feet higher than I am. Tomorrow it will just as cold, but the skies will be sunny and the snow melted away today. There might […]

Still in Pueblo West

I got caught in a pincher. Very cold air from the north would have pushed me quickly to the south. But a wet disturbance was coming from the south. I was trapped.

So tomorrow it snows here, anything from a dusting to a foot. On Monday the sun will come out and I’m heading south […]

Pueblo West, CO

I went into Aurora to get a replacement tire, which completed the repair on my RV. Then it was due south to Pueblo when the snow started falling. It’s been cold and wet for over a week now, and I’m tired of it.

This is one of favorite rv parking places. It’s along US 50 […]

Strasburg, CO

I’m outside (east) of Denver. Today I made it up and over the mountains and then sailed through Denver.

The weather is bad, with snow on the peaks last night and more expected this week. I’m out on the plains now, away from mountains, and will decide which way I’m going…

Utah Pot

I liked the title of this post, so I’ll try to write something about it.

Enough Utahns signed an initiative to legalize medical marijuana to get it on the ballot this election. Polls predict it would pass easily. The terms were quite typical of other medical marijuana states. Today, all sides agreed on a legislative […]

Can I leave Grand Junction now?

My rv was dropped at the axle alignment place in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm, the kind you usually see on the other side of the Rockies. They wouldn’t put my Farmington (it was built there) on the axle-bender because the axle was welded. Then, they pointed out I had truck tires, not trailer […]

Pot next door

I’m parked next to a cannabis grow operation, about 2 acres of greenhouses. The smell is very slight, most noticeable in the mornings. The rv park and the greenhouses are part of the same property. While the official entrance to the grow is locked, the side entrance is next to me, and is kept open. […]