OK to go

The doctor was cool with my taking off for the winter as everything checks out. But he wants to go back to work in the spring when I return.

I’m feeling great, but with some tiny aches and pains related to the surgery. And it will take a while to get the strength back in […]

Back home

The surgeon asked if I wanted a small procedure or to go for it, giving him leeway to improvise along the way. I wanted him to do as much as he could in one go. He started out fixing the rather urgent problem in the right leg, then took some more time to go look […]

A few days off

Today I went to meet a new doctor to discuss a surgical approach to opening up my arteries in my right leg. The stents and stuff I’ve done thus far were prep work for this maneuver, but I didn’t know when it would be needed. An ultrasound (aka doppler) done last week showed some serious […]

Smokey here

All summer it’s been the occasional smoke in the sky, though that’s not a typical thing at all around here. At first it was because of fires in BC, now it’s Montana and Oregon.

When I went out this morning the truck was covered with ash, and ash was flying around the air. I hadn’t […]