Truck brakes

Shortly after I arrived in Chimacum I noticed a bouncing or hopping in the rear of my truck when slowing down. Les Schwab balanced the tires, I replaced the two rears, then they turned the brake rotors under warranty, then I got a second opinion from my regular mechanic, then Schwab replaced the rear brakes […]

Race to …. But a new event

After about 20 days, the rowboats are coming into Ketchikan. Two of them crossed the line within a minute of each other. Two more are still in the race, and getting close, but one may not make the race deadline and be disqualified. You row 749 miles in a 750 mile race, you lose. Well, […]


I wanted to watch the arrival of ALULA, the chair-bound boat, last night but when it got a bit dark I gave up, thinking the live video wouldn’t amount to much. I forgot that it doesn’t get dark until very late in Ketchikan. Oh well, I watched the video this morning.

It was nice to […]

Race to Alaska

It’s Day 18 of the race, and some of the smaller boats have crossed the line. In about an hour or so the boat with the chair-bound guys will cross, with my friend Mark on board lending help. They’re disqualified from the race for losing a crew member, but they appealed for help to reach […]

Bridge closed today

I was heading to Seattle for Mazie and Amos’ birthday party when the Hood Canal bridged closed. It was stuck in the open position. The bridge is critical to getting anywhere from the peninsula, even access to ferry boats.

They manually cranked it down so there’s a roadway now, but now we’ve got a broken […]

Race to Alaska

Stories are coming in. Apparently Mark’s boat suffered some damage and water got into the dry sleeping gear, making it quite uncomfortable. Then, weather and seas combined to do some serious damage to the front of the boat. Well, he made it; whether it’s worth barging the boat back to San Francisco, I’d wonder.

Remember […]

Pot: We now have a contest in Washington

As of today, the State of Washington is now completely in control of the “legal” cannabis market. Anyone near the plant requires a license issued by them. All pot dealers must report every sale and send one-third of their money to the state.

All others are now members of the “black market”.

Well, except for […]

The Race

Mad Dog Racing won the race Thursday morning in 3 days and 20 hours, beating the record by a day and a half. I’m sure even the winners would admit they had some astounding luck on their side, in addition to a fast boat and excellent skill. Today about 6 boats crossed the finish line. […]