I’m at the Escapee park in Benson for a few days until the rain event passes. Howie and Nora are here as well as Rick and Terry. And several people from Chimacum can be found, too.

I’ve been fighting my batteries for the last couple of months. Part of it is that it’s hard to […]

Casa Grande

I’m at the SKP park here and will go to the park in Benson tomorrow. Then, a rain storm will arrive and keep me there for a couple of days.

When weather permits I’ll go to Deming, where it will be cold. Oh well,it’s still January…

Rain in Quartzsite

It’s not bad, but it’s gloomy around here today.

I’m pulling out tomorrow and heading to Deming. While I’ll leave Steve and Sandy behind, I’ll run into them again in a month. It’s been fun here in Q as people came and went, old friends that bounce around the country but everyone shows up at […]

Quartzsite happenings

I’m not one for the Tent Show (I’m not alone at that, apparently) but I do like the gem and rock shows around here. Which are quite good.

Traffic is a real pain, but my routine is to go into town in the morning to get decent parking, then work my way out before noon.


Hanging at Q

The Big Tent Show opened on Saturday, the roads filled up, and parking in town is a mess. Quartzsite, which for some strange reason I kinda like when no one is around, has become a pain in the butt.

But, Mike and Sandy and Steve and Sandy arrived yesterday, bringing a couple of Canadians with […]

Pot: A Marijuana Glut in Washington?

The Associated Press is floating a story around about an oversupply of cannabis from the legal producers. The story goes on to predict dire consequences like crashed wholesale prices and possible bankruptcies and business take-overs.

Washington residents are still trying to understand what this crop is and how it works. This ignorance shows up in […]

Quartzsite, I moved again

I moved again to a spot where a lot of friends congregate during the peak of the Quartzsite Experience. No one else is here yet, but I’m confident they’ll show.

Q is in full force now, with new rigs coming in by the hundreds now. The Big Tent Show starts this weekend, somehow an attraction […]

Quartzsite, looking for a good beer place

For eleven months of the year Q is a tiny shitty desert town at the junction of an interstate and a US highway. Good place for low-tax fuel before entering California. Bad place for just about anything else.

In January the place becomes a town of around 100,000 with RV’s parked throughout the several square […]

Back on 14-day land

Staying at the Red Rose in Q during the cold spell worked out quite well, but now I’m back at Hi Jolly for a little while.

My rate at Red Rose was $60 for the week, plus electricity. That’s a really silly number, but most of the time I was the only one parked there, […]

Q is coming alive

It was a bit warmer today, and folks got out to check out the vendors. Each day means more street traffic.

I wandered the outdoor gem show for a bit today. I will be buying some stuff, but for now it’s all about checking who is here and what they are selling. These are the […]