I think I grew weary of the trains, so packed up and went to Quartzsite for some quiet. La Posa South is pretty sparsely occupied, which is normal for this time of year. The bulk of the stores and shops will be opening this week, and access to them is real easy. I like Q […]


No one was around when I entered US Customs this morning; without the inevitable lines I was a tad confused about what to do. I cautiously opened a door and there were two agents sitting there doing nothing. I picked one, he swiped my passport and I was out of there. Never seen that before.


Pot: The Seattle Gambit, Part Two

I was surprised that the mayor announced his solution to the MMJ issue in Seattle this afternoon, after I posted my ideas on the subject. His approach seems quite lame to me, especially considering he announced his intention last week, held a hearing on Thursday, and released his solution today.

But it’s not about actual […]

Pot: The Seattle Gambit

As a review, while Washington passed Initiative 502 to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana operations, the state failed to enact any rules on the medical (also legal) marijuana enterprises. So there are no controls of any kind on the MMJ operations in the state.

I assert that these operations are actually what is referred to […]


One of my favorite places. The temperatures are 75/53, a big improvement over Casa Grande.

It’s lightly populated at the VFW/BLM spot, and I’m signed in for 14 days. Algadones is on the list for glasses and teeth cleaning, as well as a new door window.

A Mini-Reunion

Jim and Bobbie came down from Mesa today, bringing Mike and Sandy with them. So we had quite a group at lunch. I think everyone will meet up again in Tucson in March, I’ll see Mike and Sandy at Q in January, Dave and Kathy I’ll see in Yuma, Tucson, and then the Peninsula. Trisha […]

Cold this morning

Some cold air came in during the night, catching me off-guard. I woke up to the house at about 45 degrees. Now this is just a few-day thing, and the sun does warm things during the day into the 70’s, but it’s a good reminder that even in the desert it can get cold.

Later […]

Casa Grande

I arrived at the Escapee park in Casa Grande yesterday, and Trisha spotted me coming in. She’s a leaseholder here, and Dave and Kathy had just arrived to occupy their new lot. I’m parked across from them in dry camping.

I’ll be here for five days at least, Yuma being the next destination.

Trailer Work, now at Snider Hill

I took my house in to have the axles aligned today, and I’m glad I did. The two were fighting each other going down the road, one bearing left, the other right, which likely goes a long ways to explain the weird tire wear I’ve had.

The tech found a connector had separated on one […]

Amado, AZ

I had to say so long to Jim and Bobbie, but I was glad to leave Mesa. I’m now in Amado, between Tubac and Green Valley, both to change up the scenery and to visit a friend.

And, to take my house in for an axle alignment to lessen the tire wear issues I’ve been […]