The Steinbeck Boat

Last summer I wrote about a boat that a friend of John Steinbeck’s rented from someone else. Pulled off the bottom after sinking, it was brought to PT to be restored by a developer from Salinas, CA, eventually to be used in a Steinbeck museum there.

It’s in the same place, and absolutely nothing has […]

Turning over a rock at the beach

If you’ve visited Port Townsend you’ve probably seen the guy that sets up a bunch (20+) of whiteboards expressing his thoughts and ideas on various issues. He’s been an iconic regular at the park downtown for years.

Odds are you won’t agree with some of his notions, but I’ve not seen anything offensive or aggressively […]


Heavy rain woke me at 4 this morning in Astoria, and at first light I headed to the Peninsula. The rain wasn’t terrible, but all along the way I was listening to reports from the Oso slide while eyeing the rain-soaked hills on my driving route. This after driving 101 along the coast during a […]

Cover Oregon

That’s the name of the state-operated system to implement the Affordable Care Act, totally notorious now that it’s been declared a complete failure. Unlike the Federal ACA “website”, this one just plain didn’t happen at all.

An audit report of what went wrong came out the other day and I’ve been hearing a lot about […]

Lincoln City, OR

I’m glad I sat out the storm at the Mill Casino and RV in Coos Bay, though the RV park is much better than the casino. The winds were pretty stiff yesterday. The drive to Lincoln City might be the most dramatic leg of an Oregon Coast drive, but it’s slow and narrow. Rain was […]

Coos Bay

The forecast for tomorrow is thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, and high winds. So, I’ll be sitting it out at The Mill Casino and RV. It has no trees to speak of, up against the safe harbor of Coos Bay, and on the lee side of a ridge that separates the harbor from the sea.

I’m […]

Oregon Coast

The grey whale migration is in full swing right now (I thought I was too early); in fact, it’s whale watching week at the state parks. I got a quick glimpse this afternoon.

I can reach a casino parking lot in Coos Bay tomorrow before the rain starts. Then I’ll decide to wait out a […]

Heading Home

If I hadn’t made the decision to make Port Townsend my home, it would be here, in the Eureka/Arcata area. Tomorrow I leave Eureka to make my way to the Olympic Peninsula.

It’s a dandy driving route, US101 along the coast of Oregon. Plenty of state parks, and in March no competition for spots. The […]


After seven months in the desert I wanted to see surf, redwoods, moss, and green. I always like Eureka mainly for it’s location for daytrips to all of the above, and each time I visit I try out another parking place. Shoreline RV is up against the Arcata marsh, but like almost all places in […]


Once I made the decision to basically take 101 north, I went through the hills from Sacramento and have landed in Ukiah, at the fairgrounds RV lot which is a quite nice place. The drive was slow, curvy, and high winds kept me slowed down and stressed out. Howie warned me the winds can vary […]